KINGBROTHER is committed to provide high reliable electronic manufacturing services to our customers, including SMT, wave soldering, box build and testing. Our EMS services is aligned with the product lifecycle, starting from prototyping 0-1 to volume production 1,000,000+. Our 3 plants in China and our strategic partnership with Foxconn could serve the customers from telecommunication, medical, IOT, automotive and many of industrial sectors. Two dependent but highly coordinated mode of production could serve the products at different stage. The agile production mode puts more efforts on New Product Introduction (NPI) to stabilize the process and to recognize and solve problems revealed or potential risks. For volume production, our EMS service could ensure both quality and efficiency of products like 5G modules.


Key Features


Our SMT production lines are equipped with high-end equipment like SMT, 3D-SPI, on-line AOI, X-ray to handle the products with different design e.g. BGA / QFN, 01005-150mm, size of 50mm*50mm to 500mm*500mm and thickness of 0.4mm to 5mm.


Wave Soldering
We offer a wide range of soldering for DIP parts, like hand soldering, wave soldering, selective soldering, and additional process like de-paneling (V-CUT,ROUTE,PUNCH), and automatic gluing processes.


KINGBROTHER offers a wide range of testing capabilities, ranging from design to the manufacturing process. We propose an optimized testing plan for each product, with consideration given to costs, volumes, life cycles and quality requirements. We also offer test coverage improvement and functional testing development. Supported by our ISO17025 certificated testing lab, our experience in professional testing is a key part of our quality guarantee.


Characteristics and Advantages


20+ years of experience in managing both agile and volume production for products at different stages. Outstanding and complete quality assurance system ensures the processes for different products; One-stop service starts from design, supply chain management, manufacturing and testing.


Quality Guarantee


ISO9001 / ISO14001 / IATF16949 / ISO17025 quality system establish a steady foundation of processes. Both on-line and off-line inspection i.e. AOI, SPI, X-ray, FAI could discover problems, and then locate them, recognize them, analyze them and finally solve them. Professional technical engineers to support product in New Product Introduction (NPI).




AI, Telecom, Industrial control, Medical, Electricity, Automotive, PCs.  




Component thickness 6.5mm-15mm; minimum PIN spacing 0.4mm; minimum ball spacing 0.5mm, etc.  




Mitsubishi, Burkle, Orbotech, Tek…