Our CAD design team consists of 100+ rich experienced engineers with average 5-year experience. We insist on serving R&D customers, providing fast PCB design and value-added service on the best solutions of the combination of product performance, cost and manufacturing cycle. Our professional domain usually for products with high-speed signal transmitting applied in telecommunication, industrial control and medical products.



Key Features


PCB Layout

CAD KINGBROTHER have a design team with rich experienced engineers. We insist on R&D customer’s orientation, providing fast PCB design and value-added service and the best solution to product performance, cost and manufacturing cycle. The design domain mainly focuses on communication technology facilities and industrial control products.


DFM Optimization

Basing on the 20+ years of PCB prototyping, our CAD team has very good knowledge on PCB fabricating, packaging and testing. The team implements knowledge on PCB design and also tutoring our customers on Design for manufacturing (DFM). Besides, with the aid of our own developed DFM software, we could help our customers to check DFM during PCB design processes. Implementing DFM knowledge before fabrication will significantly improve PCB in cost saving, quality and the speed of product R&D.


Signal Integration/Power Integration

Provide IBIS model and SI analysis of veneer, and output the simulation report data. Solve the problems of timing sequence, reflection, and crosstalk etc. By changing the topology structure, we develop the ability of chip and termination matched resistance scheme.


Characteristics and Advantages





More than 100 engineers with average 5+ years experience.


KBEDA is one of the tools developed by Kingbrother itself. The software has 200+ functions enabling the engineer to check DFM during designing PCB. It helps our engineers to enhance their efficiency and quality.




Quality Guarantee

Professional on high-speed PCB design and especially for telecommunication, industrial control and medical products.


Validated by DFM check, ensure the quality of both design and manufacturing.


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Fast Delivery

0-1000 PIN

Standard 3 days, Quick Turn 1 day

1000-3000 PIN

Standard 6 days, Quick Turn 3 days


Standard 10 days, Quick Turn 6 days


Standard 14 days, Quick Turn 8 days


Standard 16 days, Quick Turn 10 days


Standard 25 days, Quick Turn 20 days


Quality Guarantee


KINGBROTHER applies the complete process in the life-cycle of the services including requirements' confirmation, procedure arrangement, engineering question, online DFM checking, final checking and finally customer confirmation.





AI, Telecom, Industrial control, Medical, Electricity, Automotive, PCs.





Min 2.5mil for Line and space, Max 48L and 3600pins for BGA…