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Interview with KINGBROTHER Purchasing Production Team (Part 3)

2019/01/18 09:21
From the PCB layman to the procurement of multi-skilled


Liu Hongan
Supply Chain Management Purchasing Development Engineer, joined KINGBROTHER in 2011, is now mainly responsible for MRO material procurement development and resource management, group equipment procurement, large and medium-sized outsourcing project resources development and project management.


"I was through the network to learn to understand the KINGBROTHER, when KINGBROTHER just moved from Meilin Daya Bay, the company's corporate culture, management philosophy and work environment deeply attracted me, so as to join the youth blooming business. I am responsible for the procurement of materials, such as packaging materials, knives and syrup, etc., such materials in other industries have a certain degree of commonality, so can easily competent. However, the procurement of PCB is very good knowledge of the reserves , I was through the work of the study and the department of the rotation system, it gradually accumulated PCB expertise and raw material procurement technology. At that time because they are not familiar with the PCB industry, the industry resources do not understand, especially the initial contact with the plate , PP and professional equipment, feel very ignorant, great pressure. Fortunately, the company gave me to adapt to the process, in the leadership and colleagues guidance and help, combined with what they have learned, I gradually grow into a procurement more experts "Liu Hongan very happy to tell us that this is her career a biggest leap and growth, and now she has been able to confidently face the PCB plate and professional equipment procurement projects.



According to Gartner's survey, the purchase cost of each reduction of 1%, equivalent to 10-15% increase in sales, which is the charm of procurement and value. Since the entry, Liu Hongan successfully imported Huizhou local resources, to achieve a substantial reduction in procurement costs up to 20%, while the MRO material suppliers cooperation and management of a comprehensive specification, optimize the payment and reimbursement process, and further enhance the efficiency of procurement operations. Liu Hongan said that the procurement actually contains a lot of roles, English sourcing, purchasing, procurement, buyers, these are the procurement work, but the division of labor is different. The ultimate thrust is through their own work, for the company to create greater value, which is the glory of their procurement.


She hopes that in the new corporate organizational structure, to further improve their own business quality and the art of negotiation, from the group procurement strategy and supply chain management, select the optimal supplier, to improve quality and contribute.