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Interview with KINGBROTHER Purchasing Production Team (Part 2)

2019/01/17 18:03
Tune up, do what, like what


Liu Yunjun
Manufacturing department electroplating process monitor, in 2010 to join the KINGBROTHER, responsible for shop staff on-site management, material costs and production schedule, process product exception handling and quality, safety and other training.


"At that time I just entered the community, or a feather boy, feel that they will be, not afraid of the fear of the formal work only to find their own ideas before the naive, but also eat some bitterness. Later entered Jin Baize, when the company The headquarters also set up in Shenzhen Merlin long tail road. Access to some of the colleagues, their work attitude and enthusiasm to deeply infected with me, I also led the leadership and colleagues in the gradual integration into the family through their own efforts, Grow into a highly recognized skilled worker. "Talking about the growth experience in Jin Baze years, Liu Yunjun is very pregnant. "With the company's development and growth, as well as their outstanding achievements in the post, in 2011, I was appointed as a semi-monitor, then feel the responsibility of their shoulders all of a sudden up, feeling to a new stage, How to do it, how to do better to become a problem I always think about. There is no management experience I only in the process of continuous exploration and leadership under the guidance of gradually learning and growth. "The four-year squadron manager asked me to learn how to get along with people and work properly, and it was a new challenge that I was transferred to the finishing process in 2015. This is another new challenge. I had never been in contact with the process before I thought that the leadership arranged me to take charge of this work is to trust me, I will do my due diligence .2016 years, I was transferred to the plating process again as the squad leader. In the company's overall interests before, Liu Yunjun always personal interests obey the collective interests, and then integrate the various resources around, for a clear goal and work. "In this two transfer, I found that they are related to the quality of the problem.To change this situation, only to improve the quality of the operator awareness.Then, I began to implement the responsibility system, who made bad products, who is responsible for dealing with bad board , While taking the appropriate punishment.In addition, I also performance management Kanban internal control of human error, the process repeatedly stressed the importance of product quality, and create a strong quality improvement atmosphere.



And Wang Xian has been sticking to the semi-check positions in different, Liu Yunjun regular transfer Kong caused our attention. When we asked whether the regular transfer of Liu Yunjun work on the cause of greater difficulties, he said: "I am more cheerful personality of this initiative, the mentality can be posed in contact with the new process, really do not understand This work and can not work smoothly .However, I do not understand the place to proficient in the process of colleagues to ask, such as I do not understand the operation of this device, I will ask. As my teacher, under the shame asked me to quickly grasp the work essentials, but also let me go to the front-line production groups to go. "Indeed, to adapt to the new post is not easy, pay the effort will be particularly high. However, Liu Yunjun was able to maintain the passion in the work of the state, he felt "ask, think more, more hands" is his in different processes to quickly switch the winning secret.


Although each job transfer are leadership arrangements, but each job Liu Yunjun have done impressive. On the platform of Jin Bize, along with the company's training, leadership and colleagues support, Liu Yunjun's personal ability and overall quality in the gradual increase, showing his extraordinary resilience and improve the management capacity of the problem.


Determined to move forward, dare to dare to fight


Wang Zhonglei
Production of two assembly squad leader Joined KINGBROTHER in 2011.Mainly responsible for the daily production plan arrangements and completion and production efficiency, quality control, abnormal feedback and staff on-the-job training and other work, many times won the excellent monitor, the annual outstanding managers, Huizhou City gold medal workers and other honorary titles.


"I came from the hometown of Henan came to work in Guangdong, just joined KINGBROTHER did not take long, the company headquarters moved to Huizhou Daya Bay.When standing under the R & D building looking at a Taiwan machinery and equipment to move into the new plant, feel the mood surging. More, I have to work harder to break through their own, in order to follow the pace of development of the company. "Recalled in 2011, moved to Huizhou new research and development base of the scene, still vividly. "In my career, the greatest impact on my department is the director Ma Xu. Whether it is work, or employees of the life of what happens, he is the first time to take the initiative to understand and give a solution.In order to meet the shipments, He does not care about overtime, no matter what time, he is a quick response, and then coordinated to deal with his hard-working and hard work has been affecting me, in my opinion this is what we call leadership. Department heads on their own influence, Wang Zhonglei is particularly admirable.



"The company for me, not just a place of work, but also a social university. Into this platform, I started a new learning career, where I learned not only professional skills, more The ability to communicate and communicate with people at the same time, I also deeply realize that communication to create value, so that between people less friction, more tolerant, so that the work between colleagues to coordinate With the development of the company, I feel that they are also increasingly mature and progressive.


This came from Henan Shangqiu to work hard in Guangdong 90 after the young man, in KINGBROTHER has done batch SMT shop inspector, line length and monitor, he led the team has won the "6S advanced unit first prize" Second, the annual rate of 100%, QCC project rectification working tools, rectification packaging group, the establishment of KA-class customer quality control program. He used practical action and beautiful transcripts to their own and the company, the customer to pay a satisfactory answer, as he said in front of the "platform is bigger, I want to work harder, break through the self, follow the pace of development" The "Everyone has his own values, what can I do? What will I do? What did i do? What did i bring to the company today? In the process of asking myself, I would say that I gave the company Bring the positive assets rather than the negative assets, I always have the courage to challenge the determination of self, keep moving forward. "This is the production of two assembly squad - Wang Zhonglei.