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Interview with KINGBROTHER Purchasing Production Team (Part 1)

2019/01/17 17:58
Last week we launched the 20th anniversary of the special planning, character focus of the "interview KINGBROTHER R & D design team, see how the technology is grown into Daniel," let us know that the technology is also like me, you like me, as ordinary people In their own position in a direction, they through their own efforts and long-term adherence to get the value and influence. This week we continue to pay attention to Kimberly another core team - the procurement of production line of Kim Bazhe people, they are how to cultivate their own side of heaven and earth?


At a new starting point, grow and grow


Xin Daojun
SMT Engineering Director Joined in 2009 by KINGBROTHER.At present, the product is mainly responsible for the evaluation, import and production summary. Many times to obtain technical pacesetter, excellent managers and advanced scientific and technological innovation and other honorary title; has won four utility model invention patents.


"At the beginning I was in the capacity of the equipment engineer into KINGBROTHER, and now my work is more focused on prenatal review, for the customer's product technology and the company's equipment configuration to do prenatal assessment, the product can be successfully into mass production. To coordinate the handling of a variety of product abnormalities, follow-up exception handling progress, the production of each product is responsible for. "Talk about their work in the production of the role played by Xin Road Jun is undoubtedly proud of.



Xin Daojun is a mechanical and electrical integration of professional origin, more than 10 years of service in the SMT, almost every day, "bubble" in the production line, so that he is the workshop machinery and equipment performance are familiar, years of sharpening trained him in the production process The courage to find problems, diligent analysis of the problem, good at solving the problem. Several invention patents are also summed up in the process of finding problems and finding solutions from the production line. 2015, KINGBROTHER used patch equipment for the Siemens Mounter, Siemens HS series Mounter using analog camera identification components of the shape, for the special-shaped components of the debugging is extremely inconvenient, the need to spend a long line of debugging time, in particular, It takes longer to debug large and irregular shielded frames. Found this problem, Xin Daojun has been thinking about how to solve this "ills". After a continuous investigation and repeated debugging, he verified a new debugging method - virtual pin establishment method (through the four sides of the shield box to create a virtual pin, as a regular component to identify), you can quickly complete the Special components of the shape recognition, greatly shorten the transfer line transfer time. In the past, the commissioning of the HS series was 2 hours and now it took only 1.5 hours, and the commissioning efficiency of the SMT equipment was increased by about 25% at each turn.


"From February this year, the company leadership let me in charge of the production of large quantities of subsidiaries, gave me a bigger stage. Really grateful to the leadership of the appreciation and support, the company is my destination, I hope to stand in the new Starting point, to play their own wisdom and efforts to create more value for the company. "Talked about this year's new goal, Xin Daojun leadership of the company's own trust and mention full of gratitude.


Work hard, picnic forward


Wang Xianqiu
Quality Department of semi-inspection process monitor Join KINGBROTHER in 2012.At present, it is mainly responsible for on-site staff management, material cost and production schedule, process product exception handling and quality, safety and other training.


"I will come to KINGBROTHER, on the one hand because my sister in this work, on the other hand because I like the name of KINGBROTHER, 'gold signature, Variety innovation, Enze world' meaning let me shine, I At that time it was an innovative and energetic enterprise, so it did not hesitate to join the family of Jin Baze. "Asked what reason to make Wang Xian first want to join Jin Baze, she gives the answer is surprising, and feel reasonable , A full of human feelings and social responsibility of the enterprise is always easy to give a good first impression. "Before I became a squad leader, I was mainly responsible for the job, that is, a colleague to rest I will replace their job work from the VRS check to the abnormal plate repair, I became a versatile, independent of the semi-inspection process all Positions are practicing again, and therefore by the company's recognition, as a semi-check process technician. "Wang told the first, in order to allow products to be delivered on time, she often use the time to step up maintenance. Wang Xian is always the master of the posture, uphold the purpose of customer service, and seriously do every job, the real interests of the company and the customer first.



"The grassroots management is not good to do, but each post has its difficult place.When encountering these difficulties, I said to myself that this is God in the test of me, but also for my exercise, as long as survive, I will Success. "Speaking of the management of the squad leader of the exercise of the difficulties encountered, she replied calmly," as a squad leader, in the work to lead by example, can conquer the staff, so that employees can be twisted into a rope, work together Do it well. "Last month I was named the excellent monitor, when the total sum of Wu and Lee they are here to encourage us, I feel very glorious and very excited. I can get everyone's approval, I am grateful to have been helping me." From the semi-inspection process of the grassroots staff step by step promotion to the monitor, for the "excellent monitor" the honor she cherished.


Interview time can be seen Wang Xian is a very simple introverted person, the total answer to their own is not very satisfied, feeling did not say "high standard." "My level is not very high, please forgive ah." This is her interview process often say a word. Maybe she is not so gorgeous language, but it is sincere. Carefully work, by the heart of the line, a simple Lu Guanghua workshop manager - Wang first.