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Interview with KINGBROTHER R and D design team to see how the technology is grown up

2017/05/12 15:59
There are 47 days from Golden Week 20 anniversary, and various events about the anniversary are also on the agenda. For example, "memory grows" I am with Kim Paishen 20 years old photo collection activities are hot. Today, meet with you will be another story chapter, we selected 20 dedicated to professional to create excellence, diligent and dedicated dedication to write the staff representatives. Their age, experience, posts and stories vary, there are running in the forefront of the market marketing elite, but also struggling in the production line of technical experts; have in-depth product design and development engineers, but also behind the scenes in the administrative logistics; Product material storage of the procurement staff, but also stick to the final delivery of the logistics brother. And the same is that they all have a common identity - Kim Bazhe people, and Kim Baze has to give up the fate of constantly. From their stories, you can read their growth and progress, but also to read the development and change of Jin Baze, you can read their struggle and passion, but also to read the transfer of the touch and warmth.


R&D design team
To create a high reliability, high stability of the product, can not do without the excellent team of engineers lean technology and technology to achieve. It is they in the field of technological innovation deep grind, the constant pursuit of technology and design on the sophisticated, only the harvest of thousands of customers trust and support. Jin Baize current research and development team has 200 people, divided into design center, engineering center, technology center three parts, including CAD designers, product engineers, research and development engineers, process engineers and CAM engineers. In this interview, the packaging designer Zheng Yaping, CAM engineer Li Ming Shen, NPI senior engineer Tang Honghua and R & D engineers Wu Junquan in turn, and share their work experience and growth experience. Adhere to, be careful, focused, and strive for excellence, which is to allow R & D design team engineers to use a keyword to describe their work and grow when they give the answer. Product R & D design is involved in the professional obscure technical problems, a lot of time, this process is lonely and hard, to be successful, you need the team to live lonely, forget the beginning, deep plowing.


Zheng Yaping
Design Center Package Manager Joined Kingbrother in 2006.Many times won the outstanding staff and technical innovation awards, is currently responsible for the design of the central packaging library management and pre-processing work.


"Before I became a member of the design center, I actually worked in the engineering department for several years, from CAM processing, MI production, engineering and production of abnormal processing and production of the production process, almost every job I have done in depth. Full of familiar with the various professional positions to cultivate my learning ability, so I have benefited in the follow-up work. "Zheng Yaping introduced," was transferred to the design center work for me is a new start, a new challenge, I did not dare to slack from the packaging and design knowledge training and learning to start, and then to master the software operation, while taking into account the packaging production and design of the project follow-up, along the way, which can be imagined hard, but I never retreated , The heart felt an unprecedented enrichment and satisfaction.



Speaking of Zheng Yaping led the design team to achieve the quality of packaging and DFM inspection quality accident zero breakthrough, he said, "packaging production and management work seems simple, but in fact even a little bit of error may cause customer components installed The correctness of the package is a key step in the whole product design process, we will find a lot of problems in the actual work, the schematic diagram with the wrong model, the information provided by the customer error, and even the device manufacturers to provide the Device information is also a lot of errors. These problems even if only one has not been found, will cause serious quality accidents, so the packaging production and inspection is very elegant personal experience and careful degree of my team and I is constantly Sum up the accumulation and rapid improvement, really grow up. When it comes to the connection between the design center and the engineering center, Zheng Yaping said, "Now I am in the packaging department is the design center subordinate departments, and the engineering center has a certain link. Components is an important pillar of product functionality, we Not only to serve the design, but also with the subsequent engineering and welding to maintain a complementary relationship, so as to ensure that the back of the layout, file handling and welding can be successfully implemented. "In fact, the engineering center is to connect the design center and the production workshop bridge, we review the Gerber file to assess whether the company's process capacity to make reasonable recommendations." Li Ming said.


Li Ming Shen
Engineering Center CAM Engineer Joined Kingbrother in 2007.For two consecutive years won the title of the annual technical model, is currently responsible for the model and bulk orders CAM production and process design, audit engineering materials and communication processing.


"CAM engineers require a wide range of knowledge, need to understand English, programming, Gerber files, CAM software operations, components and circuit theory knowledge, and to be familiar with the company process capability, and I am not a professional origin, before I was responsible for the company Security work, and later transferred clerks, and now is now as a CAM engineer in their own posts shine fever, the company continued to contribute. "I am a very spoiled person, in our department, they call me 'overtime professional households' .Because I know that their talent is not high, only hard work can be." From "non-professional" to "professional", Li Ming-shing remember the harvest customers And the excitement of the leadership and the excitement of the mood, "from a layman into the field, the process of hardships and hard words, but the Tiandaochouqin, the effort eventually brought me the harvest and honor.



Every time the growth is a multiple choice multiple choice, and each choice is to change the fate of the opportunity, the opportunity is always left to prepare people. Li Ming-sheng's growth story just confirms this sentence, "I remember the 2013 company to promote the Allegro process, I volunteered to join the Allegro project team, in the early Allegro data production process to play a key role; 2014 I joined the project Department of the first five years, at that time I mastered the production of all types of information, coincides with the company to vigorously promote the development of high - end products, I was able to HDI / soft and hard board design in the production of a fist. Speaking of life to choose this question, Tang Honghua no doubt deeply felt, "Everyone of each choice are subject to all aspects of the comprehensive impact of factors, and I chose to join Kim Paisawa because of love and fate. I personally like the electronic Industry, in particular, love PCB manufacturing, early entry into the first company is a PCB factory .2003 joined Kim Bazhe, the company provided me with a broader stage, so I found the feeling of home, I am happy in which No longer drift! "


Tang Honghua
Engineering Engineer NPI Senior Engineer Joined Kingbrother in 2003.For many years won the Daya Bay Science and Technology Progress Award, published papers have been awarded CPCA excellent speech papers, in 2015 won the CPCA senior engineer title, is currently engaged in process optimization, special board technology and new product development and new technology development work.


In Kingbrother can often hear some old and new employees on the appreciation of Tang Honghua words, why colleagues on his recognition so high? In this regard, Tang Honghua said with a smile: "They agree with me probably from the same as Kim Bazhe, for the customer's original intention of the same time I am also more helpful, especially in technical advice to provide some better programs or Advice, quick help to colleagues and customers. "



Tang Honghua told us that he can walk in the artisans on the road in the end, and tireless maximum power, is the work of the fun, to overcome a technical difficulties when the satisfaction and customer satisfaction smile. "I remember in about 2013, when we access a military expedited orders, an area of ​​less than 1 square meter, but the value-added high.As the project emergency, the customer at the same time to the three factories, promised who should deliver the first Full of orders. Finally in the joint efforts of R & D and manufacturing department, our company delivered one day in advance, the first positive PK won two competitors, customers of our quality and delivery to give a great affirmation. , Our sense of accomplishment is not added, this is the strength of the team, I am very pleased that in the process of their own play a role. Team collaboration is undoubtedly a strong guarantee to achieve the goal, the strength of the supplement is an endless stream of life for the team delivery. When we joke about the R & D team in the rising star will not let Tang Honghua produce "the Yangtze River waves before the waves, before the waves died on the beach," the pressure, he was calm, "We have to keep up with the times Well, there is pressure Power, I would like to say to the young engineer, 'sense of doing things, honest and honest people, continue to practice to know the truth.' Knowledge of everyone on the road are likely to become our teachers, mutual exchange, promote each other, artisans Luyong never ends. " For the predecessors of Tang Honghua, Wu Jun right thought, "I am still a career rookie, Tang Gao Gong is already the backbone of the company engineers, he is in my mind is a courage to challenge the technical problems pioneer.


Wu Junquan
Technical Center R & D engineers, joined the company in 2012, won the company's copyright award, patent award, excellent project team award and Daya Bay Science and Technology Progress Award and other honorary titles, individuals apply for a total of 15 patents, there are many in the CPCA industry associations Excellent papers published. At present, mainly engaged in process optimization, special board technology development and new product development of new technologies.


"I and Tang Gao Gong is responsible for the development of new products and new technologies, but in the direction of research and development is different, he led the rigid and flexible combination of plate and HDI board these two high-tech areas, and I was leading special circuit boards and The development of new technology, technically we close communication, take their own strengths, mutual integration, and strive to break. As a 89, after five years of college graduation, he used a better working attitude, and keep the spirit of innovation and development, showing a young engineer "artisan spirit." Has overcome the technical problems, developed a high-density laser drilling thick GEM board, embedded copper plate, multi-step laser control deep milling table, high frequency buried sub-board, buried plate, riveting nut plate and carbon oil And other new products, as well as laser shape cutting, laser control deep groove, soft and hard combination plate cover, PTFE material laser coarsening, laser repair burr and cover film high-precision fit and other new technologies for the company's new product development, And cost savings contribute to their own strength. "When I graduated from college, I joined Kim Bazhe, and the company was the equivalent of another university. I was here to learn new knowledge and experience the transformation here, where I realized my own value. "Wu Junquan said that the achievements of the past few years can not do without the opportunity given by the company, but also inseparable from their own insistence, Maupassant once said" Talent is just long patience. "Next He will continue to work hard to adhere to explore more than innovation, followed by the pace of the company, a higher level.



For the company will usher in the 20th anniversary of the birthday, the other three engineers have also presented their blessing. Zheng Yaping: "With the growth of the company for ten years, I and a lot of Kim Bazhe people as the company as a writer, from the young single to the married children, the company like the parents witnessed every important moment in my life. In a word, 'I always believe that if Kim Boozer is brave to change himself, we will eventually change the world.' The company is developing in innovation, innovating in development, and constantly creating new glory as a member of this family. Also hope to achieve self - breakthrough, followed by the pace of the company forward, and the company grew up. Li Ming-shing: "There is nothing that is immutable." In the ten years of Kim Bazhe, I met a lot of challenges, but also successfully completed the conversion of multiple roles. Thank you for the company to provide me with a platform for growth, as well as strict requirements and leadership I am helpless to help my colleagues, they are the most lovely Kim Bazhe people. Tang Honghua: "In the artisans on this road, I will not forget the beginning of the heart, excellence; in the service of customers on this road, I will be 12 points enthusiasm and full of quality to hand over the answer. Do the two in front, The best birthday of the birthday! "