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KINGBROTHER day do the quality of the gatekeeper, this is her insistence

2017/04/22 15:57
Guide: As we all know, want to do product quality management, not a simple link can be done. Quality management involves all aspects of the work is principled, requiring the incumbent in which to raise the burden, as the role of the gatekeeper. We are here to listen to her story and feel her dedication and persistence in improving the quality of our products. In the eyes of my colleagues, she is a hard-working, hardworking quality engineer; in the eyes of suppliers, she is a simple and more true, working partners; and in the eyes of customers, she is the product to provide the most basic quality assurance The gatekeeper. Zhou Aiqun, who gives the first impression, serious 80, the interview in her careful and rigorous thinking, showing a technical engineer professional style. As a SQE engineer, in order to make the company's products to win market recognition, Zhou Aiqun in addition to the daily production workshop and office busy, but also in-depth supplier on-site parameters, inspection methods, packaging and other inspection, according to company quality standards Requirements and customer requirements, the quality of the supply staff training and communication standards to promote the quality of suppliers to improve.



This day, Zhou love group often go out, the supplier site inspection, to confirm whether the production operation in line with SOP requirements. Do a good job of the new findings of several points after the record, she compared the company's quality standards, to guide the supply side line operators continue to improve product quality. "SQE engineer is a multi-position post, both inspectors, coordinators, auditors, but also counselors, promoters, and even firefighters, etc. We want to monitor the quality of incoming products compliance, abnormal The first time to identify the bad and make a way to deal with, to minimize the adverse products brought about by the quality, delivery and cost impact, while the need to organize the review, and audit to confirm the implementation of the improvement measures and effectiveness.SQE Kong as Suppliers, companies, customers connecting the bridge between the three must be considered and judged to promote the quality of the common progress and enhance. "Zhou Aiqun said.



As a high-end featured PCB model, Allegro and small batch manufacturing enterprises, it is more difficult for suppliers to manage them than batch plants. "We are faced with this pressure is particularly heavy." Speaking of this tripartite communication bridge in the position of the difficulties and pressure to bring, Zhou Aiqun said, "We are not the same as the quality of the standard, Has encountered electroplating etching line product etching is not a net problem, then with the donor and process engineers and technical engineers to confirm the status of syrup testing and results and production line equipment, after repeated testing, follow-up site use and adverse phenomena, and ultimately find In this process, both the test of our professional level, but also test our ability to communicate and coordinate the quality of quality management needs to adhere to the principle of no bottom line of quality management, not quality management. In this position, Zhou Aqun daily work is the statistics of the day of the Association / raw materials products scrapped, fill, rework data, identify bad phenomena, and identify the main supplier of the top two bad rate. In dealing with the quality of the site feedback abnormalities, according to the bad phenomenon, bad rate, defect level ruling approach. This requires her to grasp the company and the supplier's quality status, quality and standard requirements, etc., to promote the upgrading of a pass rate, reduce product rework rate and scrap rate, improve product quality compliance.



"Quality is the guarantee of survival and development of enterprises, is to develop the lifeline of the market.It can be said that high quality is high efficiency.As a quality management personnel, in the whole operation process, must clear the quality standards, firm position in the face of delivery , The output and cost pressures, the quality management personnel need to clear their own positions and responsibilities: to determine the basis for the standard, to compromise, not blindly, not to accommodate, not afraid of trouble, good quality. "Engaged in quality work for more than five years Come, Zhou Aiqun has always insisted on this sentence as their work guidelines. Quality should be engaged in a quality management personnel, it should be a business insistence. Because it is not just a system of work, but also a long-term task. Quality managers, should be the quality of the road guide, and exhausted all means to guide everyone to comply with the "rules" is the quality management personnel of the vocation. Kim Bazhe always believe that: a business can adhere to the principle in the end, can continue to follow up and improve this task, the relationship between the customer's trust, the relationship between the core competitiveness of the enterprise market. The quality of the road, only the starting point, no end. Adhere to quality standards, the pursuit of excellent quality, we always on the road!