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Thailand will become a big market for automotive PCB development

2017/01/05 15:31

       PCB is one of the most basic electronic components, known as the basis of electronic products, without it, electronic products can not be manufactured. However, not only the general electronic products, cars also used PCB, especially the development of automotive electronics, so that the trend is constantly expanding.




        The traditional car to the automatic driving too much, automotive electronics will enhance the ADAS system, integrated camera, radar and other sensors to obtain information and analysis to assist driving, enhance comfort and safety. In addition, fixed speed, steering and other operational control, anti-collision, airbags and other safety control, power windows, doors and other vehicle peripheral control functions, as well as new energy vehicles, need to PCB to achieve. The next five years, automotive PCB will be rapid development, is expected to 2019, automotive PCB will be close to 6 billion US dollars.




        The first two years, by the global economic and computer sales downturn, PCB industry downturn. By 2016, the PCB industry to recover, in addition to mobile phones and other electronic products, the automotive market demand, but also to re-activate the PCB industry, a strong driving force. 2017 will continue to force, these two markets will also promote the further development of the PCB industry, while the automotive PCB better prospects. Since the prospect of automotive PCB is good, where will the big market? The answer is Thailand.




        Thailand is an important production base for the automotive industry, a number of enterprises around the world to invest in the development of automotive PCB industry, Thai companies have been among the world's top five car PCB sales company. From the above description of the development of automotive electronics, automotive PCB demand will continue strong, Thailand's automotive PCB in 2017 will lead the huge development of the PCB industry.