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Components can be printed directly on the PCB? The

2017/02/09 15:28

        Yesterday, we shared the IC installed on the PCB method, mainly perforated (THT) and patch (SMT) two. In addition to IC, there are many other components need to be installed on the PCB, such as resistors, capacitors, relays, transformers and so on. The installation of a variety of methods, such as vertical plug, horizontal plug, inverted plug, horizontal plug, insert and so on, and so forth.




        So many kinds of components, then a variety of methods, PCB production of the difficulty, can be imagined, so the process of manufacturing PCB is extremely complicated, need to more than the process, specialized personnel operation, which lasted in order to make, Said there are other processes such as testing. So, in the developed technology today, is there any way to improve its production efficiency?




        A variety of new technology products, the most interesting is the 3D printing, drawings, food, materials, and even cars, bridges, etc., can be used to achieve 3D printing. We have also introduced before, Europe and the United States has developed a printed circuit board can be a 3D printer, although not yet formed mainstream, but has been put into use, I believe in the near future, will be popular. However, those printers print out the PCB, only the substrate, components or to install up. There is no way to print out the PCB when the joint parts also printed together with it?




        3D printer manufacturer Nano Dimension, has launched DragonFly2020 3D printer, the use of inkjet deposition and curing system and self-developed AgCite nanoparticle conductive silver ink, in a few hours to complete the multi-layer circuit board printing. Now introduced a new feature, you can print in the process of direct embedded electronic components!




        In addition to efficiency, this new feature has three advantages: First, in the circuit printing process insert electronic components, can protect their mechanical properties, temperature and to avoid corrosion. Second, the embedded electronic components are interconnected by 3D-printed conductive inks to avoid the use of welding processes to improve PCB quality and ease of use. Again, the electronic components are not completely packaged in the case of direct printing, to create ultra-thin PCB board to create the conditions.




        The development of science to make the world more exciting, the future of the plant may not even have the pipeline, all the devices together, a brains at the same time print, can be made out!