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IPhone8 to promote PCB development

2017/02/17 15:24

       Have to admit that Apple is one of the most advanced technology companies, other aspects and regardless of the phone, no one with the match. The development of the iPhone, but also to promote the development of PCB. IPhone8 in addition to a waterproof and other functions, need to a variety of new materials, there are more endurance.




        In order to achieve this, iPhone 8 requires the use of a new type of PCB-Substrate-like PCB, as well as more flexible circuit boards (in order to achieve this, FPC).


        Mobile phone PCB hard board use, mainly 2 order HID. With the development of data, smart phones in the volume, appearance, function constantly updated, the gradual use of multi-level HID, or even full-layer HID.




        The soft board, the beginning of the use of FPC mobile phone, mainly used in mobile phone turning point (HingePart). The iPhone, in order to achieve hardware operation, transmission speed, thin volume and other requirements, the touch screen, buttons, side keys, antennas, batteries and so on a lot of use of soft board or soft board.




        In addition to the iPhone, other phones are also moving towards this trend, the use of soft board and soft board, smart phones generally use at least 6 or more soft board. Soft board and the use of soft and hard board, help to enhance the design flexibility, so that the phone in the appearance, size, performance, get more development.

        In short, led by the iPhone, the development of smart phones, PCB will greatly promote the technology and production capacity.