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Focus on creative to product, cloud creation invites you to build e planet

2017/03/09 11:18
What is the future life of imagination? Talk to the intelligent housekeeper? Mirrors are automatically purchased and matched with costumes based on the image of people mapping In the unmanned car lying on the movies? Travel Virtual Galaxy, with the interstellar monster bloody? Placed thousands of years ago in front of people, all this is "miracle", but in the rapid development of science and technology today, infinite cozy, big hole to open a lazy life is no longer out of reach. Many of the future in the film and television drama, the second generation of the emergence of the concept of the future is the rapid rise of smart hardware companies and incubators in the hands of one by one, the headquarters of the hardware innovation platform in Shenzhen - cloud creation also often come into contact with such ideas unrestrained hardware innovation And help them turn ideas into real products.
Can be expected, intelligent hardware market prospects are broad, but can not be ignored is the intelligent hardware innovation and entrepreneurship is still a big problem. For example, the product encountered technical, functional, experience and other bottlenecks, the supply chain is unreliable, the development cost is too high, the cycle is too long and there are products but not operational problems, have become a key factor in the success of intelligent hardware innovation and entrepreneurship.
However, in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" wave of advance, and with the "Internet +" intervention, more and more to solve the problem of intelligent product innovation service platform in the market emerged, as a link between the start-up team and industry chain The bridge.
"As we all know, the product is a core competitiveness of a business.From a product from scratch, after hardware and software design, manufacturability design, proofing pilot and other multi-channel process, high-quality supply chain resources in which the role played And cloud creation is the hardware innovation entrepreneurs to provide one-stop solution and upstream and downstream industry chain resources to support the service platform. "Cloud creative product director Lai Shao said," many start-up in the product realization process In the 20 years of development by the accumulation of hardware innovation and flexible manufacturing advantages, starting from the customer needs, tailored solutions, return to the product itself, by virtue of 2 million kinds of electronic Products from design to production experience in the service to win the customer 's recognition.
The cloud creation is the hardware innovation service platform of Jinbazei Group to invest in the integration of product design, hardware incubation and product acceleration. To hardware research and development and flexible manufacturing as the core, integrated technology chain and industry chain of high quality resources, connecting hardware innovation solutions and flexible custom production, to provide hardware innovation to accelerate service and product life cycle management.
At present, cloud creation in health care, industrial control, military and other subdivision areas have success stories. Including Foxconn, Rococo, witty clouds and other excellent suppliers are cloud creative partners, at the same time, cloud creation is nationwide to recruit more high-quality suppliers, is committed to the start-up team to solve the hardware innovation on the road hidden resources , Reduce the cost of time, improve the efficiency of product projects to promote.
March 14-16, 2017 Munich Electronics Show held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, cloud creation will carry ARM industrial motherboard, core board, development board and a variety of excellent intelligent hardware products and health care, industrial control, wearable And other one-stop hardware innovation solutions dressed debut, booth number: E5 Hall 5360.
The conference will also be held at the E6-M36 conference room from 13:00 to 17:00 on March 15th, organized by the cloud creator.
Cloud creation will join more than 60 partners worldwide, including investment institutions, industrial design, design, CAD design, PCB / PCBA model, component supply chain, software development / cloud services, space / incubator , Retail channels and community / media, etc., for the participants from the idea to the product to the market and then a one-stop service platform to address from design to design, from design to sample, from sample to production, from mass production to market As well as investment and all other issues, for the idea of ​​young people to provide the opportunity to achieve dreams.
Exhibition & Synchronic event, so stay tuned!