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Dream of the future, cloud creation shines at the Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich

2017/03/15 11:15
March 14, we look forward to the 2017 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show in the new International Expo Center grand opening. Cloud manufacturing as a domestic professional hardware innovation service platform, with ARM industrial motherboards, core boards, development boards and a variety of excellent intelligent hardware products and health care, industrial control, Internet of things and other one-stop hardware innovation solutions debut exhibition, And industry elite together to explore the most cutting-edge technology and solutions, the most popular electronic topics and the most explosive black technology products.
The cloud creation is the hardware innovation service platform of Jinbazei Group to invest in the integration of product design, hardware incubation and product acceleration. To hardware research and development and flexible manufacturing as the core, integrated technology chain and industry chain of high quality resources, connecting hardware innovation solutions and flexible custom production, to provide hardware innovation to accelerate service and product life cycle management.
The "one-stop hardware innovation solution" of the exhibition cloud creation project mainly brings the optimal cost-effective solution of health care, industrial control and Internet of things to the audience through the actual case show "Let the innovation simpler" The concept of attracting a large number of intelligent hardware, Internet of Things, medical, industrial and other areas of the developer and start-up team's attention.
Internet of Things intelligent home system solutions
"Featured electronic manufacturing" service display area to show the audience Kim Bazhe focus on high reliability electronic product design and manufacture of one-stop service, to provide program design, PCB design and manufacturing, component procurement, PCBA assembly, machine assembly, functional testing , Reliability testing and other services to meet the individual needs of customers.
M product display area, focusing on three key products of cloud creation: ARM core board, industrial control board and custom board and its application. Based on ARM core processor embedded hardware and software development, cloud creation is committed to the development of stable and reliable, cost-effective ARM core board and supporting reference design board at the same time, but also for individual customer needs to provide fast, professional custom services.
 2017 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show wonderful even articles, cloud creation gift constantly! It is not to be missed March 15th by cloud creation sponsored by "find creator - 2017 cloud creative smart product creative contest" conference! The competition cloud will bring together more than 60 partners worldwide, including investment institutions, industrial design, design, CAD design, PCB / PCBA model, component supply chain, software development / cloud services, space / incubator, All the platform, retail channels and community / media, etc., for the participants from the creative to the product to the market and then to the market one-stop service platform to solve from design to design, from design to sample, from sample to production, from the amount Production to the market and investment and all other issues, for the idea of ​​young people to provide the opportunity to achieve dreams.