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Cloud Creativity Smart Products Creative Contest is now launched to accelerate the dream of innovative entrepreneurs to achieve

2017/03/15 11:13
March 15, Shanghai News - To better connect with innovation, technology, supply chain and market, to help young people with ideas to achieve innovation and entrepreneurship dream, cloud creation is now officially launched to find the creator -2017 cloud creative intelligence Product innovation contest (referred to as: contest), together with the upstream and downstream industry chain strength, and jointly explore the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship market, promote creativity, technology, manufacturing and marketing links for industry and market development to make more contributions.
"Creator contest may be the lowest threshold in the design competition, the contestants can not understand the technology, do not understand the manufacturing, do not understand the supply chain, as long as there is enough good enough creativity, you can register." In the creation contest Qiao Yuan, director of cloud operations operations, said the competition, the cloud will be invested in many experts and industrial resources, together more than 60 partners around the world, including investment institutions, industrial design, program design, CAD design, PCB / PCBA Model, supply chain, software development / cloud services, a guest space / incubator, the public platform, retail channels and community / media, etc., for the participants from the idea to the product and then to the market one-stop service platform, From the design to the design, from design to sample, from sample to volume production, from mass production to market and investment and all other issues, for the idea of ​​young people to provide the opportunity to achieve dreams.
"All shortlisted finalists will have the opportunity to talk to investors in addition to 50% one-stop service fee sponsorship; all finalists will receive 100% one-stop service fee sponsorship and have the opportunity to receive direct investment from the hard fund; All the registration team have the opportunity to obtain Daya Bay cloud foundations and other co-founder space free admission opportunities; successful production products can be listed through the creation and partner channels. "According to Qiao Yuan, the contest for the contestants to provide a very Temptation of incentives, whether it is up to 100,000 (first prize) of the cash award, or millions of fund investment opportunities, or a large group of experts and tutors with very low cost to help you realize your dreams, can go beyond a lot of similar activities, And emboldened to come up with such a contest incentive, in addition to generous capital investment, but also inseparable from the cloud of creative and investment side of the Group 100 years of two-year experience in the development of one-stop R & D innovation services.
According to reports, this competition is mainly for intelligent hardware, networking and industry applications, robotics and artificial intelligence, eFashion, basic products (templates and boards) and other areas of the project, with immediate effect from the team or individuals through the official channels of competition or Partner to submit the project. After the registration will be screened, the project vote and mentor matching into the project counseling period, each project will have the experts to the whole process of project counseling, the first counseling period of up to 3 months, through the first phase of the project will be in the end of August Sub-South China, East China, North China, West four Division for the preliminary round, through the preliminary round of the project will enter the manufacturing optimization, roadshow, marketing packaging, all chips and other sectors, in December for a grand contest finals and awards ceremony, Of the bonuses and access to investment opportunities, participating in the final project will be able to follow the contest for national tour.
About cloud creation
Cloud creation is a hardware innovation service platform that is invested and driven by Jin Baze Group, integrating product design, hardware incubation, and product acceleration. To hardware research and development and flexible manufacturing as the core, integrated technology chain and industry chain of high quality resources, connecting hardware innovation solutions and flexible custom production, to provide hardware innovation to accelerate service and product life cycle management.