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Warmly congratulate Kingbrother Zhengzhou customer service center was formally established

2017/04/13 11:13
April 12, Zhengzhou, the concern and support of customers, after careful preparation, Jin Bazhe Zhengzhou customer service center officially put into operation.
Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Province, the central city of Central China Economic Zone, the central region of the important central city, in the national "13th Five-Year Plan" usher in the rapid rise of new opportunities, transportation, electronic information, automobile and equipment manufacturing industry set off a new Wave development trend, industrial advantages have become increasingly prominent, the market development space is vast, great potential.
Zhengzhou as the focus of emerging markets in the North, where the establishment of customer service center to better grasp the market trends, and comprehensively strengthen the Henan regional sales service development capabilities, with the majority of customers directly face to face communication, technology and services to promote innovation and help customers quickly find And solve R & D issues. At the same time, by playing the Beijing Design Center's resource advantages, the formation of radiation effects, "design first, leading technology, fast service, ingenuity manufacturing" strategy to drive business growth.
At present, Kim Pui's sales and service network throughout the world's major electronic product design center, built in the country three production and research and production base, 18 customer service centers and seven design centers, "call center will be unified in accordance with headquarters requirements and planning, To the excellent teamwork, reliable product quality, sincere and thoughtful service, opened Jinbai Ze accurate, fast, high quality service Henan customers a new chapter. "Jinbai Ze regional marketing director Deng Haibing said.
Toucheng twenty set, win-win future! In 2017, Kim Bazhe ushered in the double crown, completed the national strategic deployment of the accelerated development, with two decades of service research and innovation experience in millions of products, is committed to becoming the optimal cost of the development stage of the supplier, to help customers improve research and development Stage of the core competitiveness, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.
Zhengzhou customer service center
Contact: Chen Lei pigeon
Mobile: 13083609281
Landline / Fax: 0371-61316170
E-mail: zhengzhou@kingbrother.com
Address: Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, No. 21, Zheng Shang Road, Building 8, East Building, Unit 1, 12, 1203