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[Sincerity Invitation] Find the Creator - the lowest ever design competition ever

2017/03/15 20:59
You are full of ideas, no place to vent?
Only understand the software design, but to achieve Niubi product dream?
Busy working, squeeze time also want to do their own excellent products?
Sample has been out, would like to optimize the financing and then upgrade?
Or looking for media exposure, so that product focus on Cengceng up?
Here you can find the answer
Looking for creators - 2017 cloud creative intelligent product creative contest, is a creative landing, so that ideas into physical, spend millions of mining smart hardware creative contest! You do not have to have a business team, do not have to write the project plan, or even do not understand the code, do not understand the hardware. As long as your creativity is positive, beautiful, cutting-edge ~ and you have a strong determination to achieve it, we are looking forward to you become our entrepreneurial partner!
This may be the lowest threshold since the design competition, we advocate creative collection of civilians, refused to professional monopoly. The contest solicits ideas such as smart hardware, networking, robotics and artificial intelligence, e-Fashion and basic products (modules, boards) and look forward to working with you to realize your dreams.
The competition takes nearly a year. There are 60 well-known enterprises in the industry, including investment institutions, industrial design, program design, CAD design, PCB / PCBA model, component supply chain, software development / cloud service, / Incubator, the public platform, retail channels and community / media, etc., for you to build from the idea to the product and then to the market one-stop service platform for your creativity to do high-quality technology and project floor comprehensive counseling, creative excellence, But also by 10 million level supply chain resources, 1 billion scale investment fund!
Ø Competition process
Project solicitation (3 / 15-5 / 15)
Contest tutor, support unit and partner recruiting
Participate in personal or team registration
Registration Channel: Contest official website
Project sea election (5 / 15-6 / 15)
Project evaluation: market positioning, originality, creativity, design feasibility, manufacturing feasibility
Selection criteria: original, ready for the feasibility of at least one contest mentor and judges recognized
Internet voting: official website and WeChat announced viable items, open vote
Project Counseling (6 / 15-8 / 30)
Project Counseling: Assignment Tutor, Design Counseling, Supply Chain Matching
Proofing test: contest partner support
Partition Preliminary: South China - Shenzhen, East China - Shanghai, North China - Beijing, western - Chengdu
(0 / 30-11 / 1)
Assist the first prize to win the project to make the design optimization, supply chain option optimization
Trial production and testing
Packaging planning, release all the chips (all chips into the final results)
New round of online voting (included in the final results)
Roadshow / Final (11 / 1-12 / 1)
More than 30 investment institutions to participate in road shows, investment institutions scoring
Integrated all the chips, voting, road shows, judges scores, decided to award
Awards / Tour (12 / 1-12 / 21)
Awards ceremony, venture equity investment and passenger space settled and other resources signed
Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu tour
Ø contest mentor
Ø Contest Awards
First prize: $ 100,000
Second prize: 20,000 yuan
Third prize: 10,000 yuan
All shortlisted finalists in addition to 50% one-stop service costs sponsorship, have the opportunity to talk with investors;
All finalists in addition to 100% one-stop service fee sponsorship, and have the opportunity to obtain hard investment fund direct investment;
All the registration team have the opportunity to obtain Daya Bay cloud factory and other co-founder space free of charge opportunities;
Successful production of products can be listed through the creation and partner channels.
Ø support units
The existing support units for the electronic circle, Anchuang space, firefighters workshop, Luobo, Song Wo innovation incubator, witty cloud, co-creation capital, open thinking network, Chuangzhi Zhi, the Internet of things, the team is growing, the whole The direction of your creativity to achieve, not just tens of millions.
Creative immortality, inspiration eternal life! You only need to be responsible to think, we come to help you, quickly browse the contest official website registration. ↓
(Registration deadline: May 15)
【Registration is successful】
Witty cloud 100 intelligent hardware devices free cloud service access, Haier U + Wifi module group, a think of intellectual 3D printing mall concessions production services and more surprises! (First come first served)
Direct registration link: http://cn.mikecrm.com/6N6EQx4