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1. Hundreds of more than 10 years PCB experience in the professional and technical team, for you to create high stability of the products and serices.
2.35(8 authorized)national invention patents, 141(132 authorized) utility model patents, 53 software copyright and other technical achievements have been transformed into productivity, effectively optimize the production quality and efficiency.
3. To the provincial technical center and the provincial engineering center as a technology development and technical services platform, won the high-tech enterprises that have a number of high-tech products that science and technology awards, 20 years focused on PCB R& D and manufacturing.






1. Mature length of the finger processing technology and high precision line precision control to meet the different optical communication products, impedance design requirements, impedance tolerance +8%, size tolerance± 0.1mm.
2. High-level HDI hole technology to achieve high-density communications products interconnect, the minimum line spacing 3/3mil, the smallest aperture 0.1mm.
3. Mature mixed lamination process, can achieve FR-4 and PTFE/ceramic filling and other high-frequency materials, mixed design to meet the premise of high-frequency products for customers to save material costs.
4. High-precision back drilling technology to meet the integrity of product signal transmission design reguirements.
5. A variety of types of rigid-flex laminated process technology to meet the needs of different communication products, three-dimensional assembly.






1. Laser direct imaging equipment(LDL) for high-precision line communication products, graphics transfer.
2. Carbon dioxide laser drilling machine for microporous processing.
3. A fast press for laminating a flexible board.
4.Automatic optical inspection machine(Aon)for fine line inspection.
5. High-precision impedance tester to meet the product impedance test requirements.







1.Fast response:2 hours customer service response,7 *24 hours technical support, order service,production operation, door-to-door.
2. Fast delivery: 2 layer the fastest delivery: 24H, 4-6layer the fastest delivery: 48H, 8-12layer the fastest delivery: 72H, 14-20layer the fastest delivery: 96H,  >20layer fastest delivery: 120H. 





1. Jin Baize was awarded the clean production certification enterprises in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, clean production enterprises, Pengcheng waste reduction advanced enterprises, circuit board industry green advanced enterprise title.
2. Kim Bazhe as green responsibility, with you to protect you my living environment, and jointly create a green home.






Name: Communication Tester PCB
Type: Rigid-flex HDI board
Number of layers/plate thickness: 6L/0. 7mm
Line width: 4.5 /3.5mil
Technical features: HDI +rigid and flexible
Name: High Frequency RF Coaxial Transmission Port
Type: mixed 10G high frequency photovoltaic panels
Number of layers/thickness: 4L/1.0mm
Line width: 12/5.5mil
Technical features: optoelectronic products, the length
of gold finger, Local thick gold, 10G high frequency




Name: Image Processing Server
Type: Large size communication backplane
Number of layers/plate thickness: 22L/3.0mm
Line width: 4/4mil
Technical features: high multi-layer board
large-size communications backplane
Type: industrial backplane
Number of layers/thickness: 20L/4.0mm
Line width: 5/5mil
Technical features: high multi-laver board,
four deep control deep back drilling



Type: high frequency mixing plate
Number of layers/plate thickness: 121/ 3. 5mm
Line width: 5/5mil
Technical features: FR4 + high-frequency mixed
Type: Photoelectric board
Number of layers/thickness: 6L/1mm
Line width: 8/5. 39mil
Technical features: photoelectric products, 5G high
frequency, Length of gold finger, local thick copper