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1. Designed for military product quality control GJB9001B system certification.
2. ISO9001, CQC quality certification at home and abroad.
3. Weapon and equipment quality system certification.
4. In strict accordance with IPC standards and customer requirements for multiple control,Ensure that shipping products meet customer quality requirements.
5. Strict implementation of the quality of PDCA process, continue to improve product performance.






1. High-precision mechanical control and deep laser control deep process,to achieve multi-stage step groove product structure, Meet the different levels of product assembly requirements
2. Innovative use of laser cutting PTFE material to solve the traditional PTFE molding burr problem, Improve product quality.
3. Mature mixed lamination process, can achieve FR-4 and PTFE/ceramic filling and other high-frequency materialsmixed design, to meet the high-frequency products under the premise of the cost of materials for customers to save
4. A variety of types of rigid-flex structure, can achieve three-dimensional assembly requirements.







1. Hundreds of more than 10 years PCB experience in the professional and technical team, for you to create high stability of the products and services.
2. 35(8 authorized)national invention patents, 141 (132 authorized) utility model patents, 53 software copyright and other technical achievements have been transformed into productivity, effectively optimize the production quality and efficiency
3. To the provincial technical center and the provincial engineering center as a technology development and technical services platform, won the high-tech enterprises that have a number of high-tech products that science and technology awards, 20 years focused on PCB R& D and manufacturing







1. High precision control of deep forming machine for stepped groove structure of military products deep groove control processing.
2. A laser cutting machine used to solve the burrs of PTFE materials.
3. Dedicated to PTFE, ceramic filling and other high-frequency materials hole hole in addition to plastic with the plasma processing equipment.
4. Reflow, thermal shock, impedance tester, gold and nickel thickness tester and other reliability testing equipment to ensure that military product qualit.







1. And the industry's top materials business Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Isola,Bergs, Health benefits, the long-term strategic cooperation.
2. Rohm and Haas Electroplating Potion, Hitachi Dry Film, Sun Ink.




Name: Military Navigation System
Type: mechanical blind buried hole rigid plate
Number of layers/thickness: 8L/3mm
Line width: 6/mil
Technical features: rigid and flexible combination
of the board. the second mechanical blind hole
Name: Military Electronic Components PCB
Type: step board
Number of layers/thickness: 9L/3.4mm
Line width: 3.5/5.3 mil
Technical features: high-density step board,
Built-in graphics + 0. 3mm half hole



Name: Passive phased array radar
Type: Secondary step plate
Number of layers/thickness: 9L/3. 9mm
Line width: 11.9/7.mil
Technical Features: PTFE high-frequency
multi-layer board, 2-8 blind hole, second
stage step groove process
Name: Weapon Fire Control System PCB
Type: high frequency multilayer board
Number of layers/ thickness: 20L/2. 6mm
Line width: 4.7/5.7/mil
Technical features: high-frequency multi-layer
board, leaflets 4450B pressure



Type: Rigid-flex board
Number of layers /thickness: 4/1. 5mm
Line width: 7/5. 4mil
Technical features: Gold finger reinforcement
rigid flexor combination board, Soft board gold
finger thick copper
Type: high frequency control Shenbei drilling board
Number of layers / thickness: 12L/2.1mm
Line width: 7.6/4. 5mil
Technical features: high-frequency multi-layer board,Four deep depth control drill