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Business introduction


Kingbrother has a hardware innovation platform as well as an intelligent hardware incubator platform . By integrating service to innovators with hardware incubator acceleration,and taking technology chain as the core,flexible customization features,to create a full range of intelligent hardware ecosystem. Based on the core advantage of our own large-scale manufacturing and hardware innovation R&D platform. we provide customers with all intergrations of a product from the hardware design, DFM design, manufacturing, design and production of hardware to innovative solutions, and the upstream&onstream industry chain support, assist innovators to solve hardware R&D and manufacturing problems.
King brother intelligent hardware products and sevices are widely used in diversied areas such as IOT, provides product innovations and product realization.



Services items


1、Intelligent photon lock
Photon lock is used to receive and recognize the user terminal, that send the optical signal with identity authorization, such as photon card, photon key, fingerprint photon key and mobile photon key.


Make the door keys in your mobile phone and download mobile phone sottware, then you can use your mobile phone to open or lock the door. It supports IOS、 Android, windows phone system.
Photon Lock:
The only photons certificate serial number in the worldwide, and unique identity
The visible light have multilevel encryption, with high security
Readability with over-distance and recognize signal with high speed
More anti-interference by anti-prizing &scratching of the design
No wiring need, convenient installation
Mobile phone photon lock:
The visible light with multilevel encryption gurantees high safty
No need to change the hardware, simple operation
It can realize the remote authorization
It can check the entry& exit records
Management of different kinds of door-access, integrating multiple permissions, more
convenient opening by a flash.



2、Intelligent audio


Adopting the domestic cost-effective audio chips, and mature wireless communication chips from home&
abroad, to meet the demand from high, medium to low-grade public board modules.


Public board can support wifl and Bluetooth, compatible of USB2.0 and above, support the
media share in LAN.
Support DRA Audio Standards, and other mainstream digital audio formats, such as
Public board has the basic functions like wireless connection iterative upgrade, intelligent
control, man-machine interaction, social intercourse sharing.
Support high quality original cloud music platform, has the copyright protection mechanism
The public board be equipped with Independent development of sound processing and DSP
The public board can support vendors to make a further deep development.
The audio output features conform to SJ/T 10406, the 2nd type general specification requirement
of audio power amplifer.



3、Intelligent monitoring terminal on refrigerator


The inteligent monitoring is specially for the refrigerators that stocks frozen food, it monitors the real-time refrigerators. It is installed on each refrigerator. Inside the terminal includes power off alarm、temperature test, GPRS wireless telecommunication, GPS+WIFI+LBS orientation、 status instruction、buzzer alarm and other functions.
The backstage can realize the refrigerator temperature management, power off alarm, user information management, status display, orientation management and electronic barrier. By using the lbeacon technology, to realize the data-transmition to the user's(who is nearby to the refrigerator) mobile phone.
Except of the integrated backstage management platform, a specified application system for personal


mobile access was developped, so the refrigerator information can be checked fast and convenient by this.


Size: 122mmx100mmx53mm
Normal operation temperature: -20°C to+55° Limited operation temperature.-30°Cto+65°C
Power supply: AC 100V-240V, 50/60HZ, 0.2A
SIM card connector: for 3V/1.8V
Upgrade connector: 2.8V UART_TXD/RXD
lithium battery connector
temperature test sensitivity 1°C, system tolerance ±2°c
Support LBS base station position calculation, city area accurate level reach to 50-200m(depends 
on base station information quantity
GPS operating frequency 1575. 42MHZ, support 56 access, sensitivit
Tracing and navigation: -162dBm
Recapture sensitivity -160dBm
Cold boot sensitivity: -147dBm
Hot boot sensitivity: -156dBm
Cold boot time: 27s
Temperature boot time: 27s
Hot boot time: <1s
Horizontal positioning accuracy: CEP <=5m
Dual -band GSMGPRS( EGSM900/DCS1800GPRS ) multi-slot class 12




4、Intelligent washing machine module


Inteligent washing machine module is installed in the ordinary washing machine, one end is connected with the motherboard, another end is connected with the cloud server via the GPRS. By this way, the machine working conditions can be reported to the cloud, and the operation instructions to the machine can be ordered from the Cloud.
Through the intelligent washing machine module, the washing machine can connect the cloud, through the mobile phone and APP users can realize the laundry on-line payment, laundry process selection and laundry status acquisition, so an intelligent laundry room is built up.
4.5V -10V voltage range
GSM850、EGSM900、DCS1800、PCS1900, four frequency
Can search for 4 frequency automatic, and can set frequency brand by AT instruction
GSM Phase 2/2+conform to GSM Phase 2/2+
Class 4(2w): GSM850, EGSM900
Class 1(1W): DCS1800, PCS1900
Time slot default value class 12 GPRS
Time slot class8, 10, 12 available, GPRS GPRS mobile station class: B
Working temperature:-10℃~+60℃
Storage temperature-45°C~+90°C
GPRS data features GPRS:
GPRS Data downlink transmission MAX85.6 kbs
GPRS Data uplink transmission MAX85.6kbps
Code formats: CS-1, CS-2, CS-3, CS-4
Support SMT&TCPSSL protocol
Bulid-in TCP/IP protocol
The default way work plus a serial debugging serial port baud rate Road, work: 115200bps
Size: 50*25*9mm




5、Yi jvtong


It can not only provide users with basic voice and video call functions, but also can realize remote  monitoring of home enironment, Video capture and recording, one key"SOS",one-touch video  recording, Intelligent home appliances remote control and many other functions
This series of products not only for home environment, but also can be widely used in small shops, unattended offices and other public places.


TD-SCDMA/GSM DualMode, 2G/3G free switching
can be external Menci, remote control, infrared, smoke, gas and other eight-way sensor to
support the three-button or a key remote control
one-touch"S0S"can promptly notify the family to process
Support local, SMS and voice telephone alarm
Support sending & receiving text messages, various input method
2.4-inch screen
support livable access point to point




6、Weather products


Beeper device: Single transmit and ring function
Transmission frequency: 433.92MHZ
Transmit range: radius 600m
Modulation: ASK modulation
Coding capacity:>1 million
Product color: wine red and Pearl Black
R= 60mm H= 16mm product size
12V working voltage
wearable device: functions of electronic watch and receive call
433.92MHZ receiving frequency
-110dBm Receiving sensitivity
001-999 receIver number
alert mode vibration and sound
3.7V/500mAH battery
500uA Standby current
68*42*20mm product size