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King brother PCBA division has a workshop with 4, 800 square meters and about 300 employees, consisting of two plants which are responsible for the business of communication modules and high mix-low volume manufacturing.

Communication modules plant specializes in communication modules and class modules manufacturing such as car modules, networking terminal(tracker) ,live broadcast satellite and wireless LAN products.

There are several Siemens high-speed SMT machines, Agilent, R/S and other precision testers, also numbers of senior SMT,testing, maintenance engineers providing SMT, testing, assembly, packaging and other services



Combined with customer demand and product structure characteristics,The input and lean management of manufacturing resources were carried out.Has the industry leading product process manufacturing capability.It can effectively meet all kinds of order requirements.










SIEMENS High-speed SMT Machine

FUJI High-speed multi-functional SMT Machine

BUT 10 Temperature range of

Lead-free Reflow Soldering Machine


3D Solder Paste Inspection System

Automatic Optical Inspection Machine





Industrial Control Board

Frequency Board of Telecommunication

Computer Motherboard of Industrial Control

Data Acquisition Card

Mainboard of Telecommunication

Mainboard of Tracker