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We have a professional-quality management team, responsible for advance planning  prevention, interim monitoring,

afterwards improvement, standardization and other comprehensive quality management.

Besides, we have a perfect laboratory testing equipment for the entire monitoring to process parameters and quality.


Our company has approved the IS09001(2015, S014001(2015).OHSAS18000(2007).TS16949, military industry standard,

QCQ and UL certification of the United States.








Normal Lead Time:

1. The order size: the total quantity of each batch

2. The standard material: Standard FR4

3. Standard board thickness: 0.4mm to 2.0mm

Standard copper thickness: 17um to 35um(0.5OZ-1OZ)

4.Standard line width: ≥4mil

5.Surface Finished type: HASL, Lead Free HASL, Plating Gold and OSP processing

6.Please contact the customer services about the lead time when there is special material, special processing or beyond the regular delivery requirements.



Quick Turn Lead Time

1. Please contact the customer services for the urgent delivery requirements.

2. The quick turnlead time is based on regular process and material.






Controlled Impedance tester

Ultraviolet spectrometer

X—ray Coating




Laser Drilling Machine

High Precision Mechnical Machine







Product Type: HDI

Application Field: Industril Contorl, Medical, Communication

Layer/Board Thickness: 10L/1.1mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Line/Space: 3. 0/3.0mil

Smallest Hole Diameter: 0.1mm

Technical Feature: Three Orders Overlap Hole, Tiny Line,

Micro vias


Product Type: Rigid-Flex Board

Application Field: Computer/Communication/Medical/


Layer/Board Thickness: 6L/1. 2mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Line/Space: 5.0/5.0 mil

Smallest Hole Diameter: 0. 2mm

Technical Feature: Rigid-flex, Multi-Junction Structure


Product Type: Metal-Substrate Board

Application Field: Amplifier/Heavy Current Supply Module/LED

Layer/Board Thickness: 4L/3. 0mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Line/Space: 9. 8/7.7mil

Smallest Hole Diameter: 0. 25mm

Technical Feature: High Heat Dissipation, Embedded Metal Substrate


Product Type: Back Drilling Board

Application Field: Communication

Layer/Board Thickness: 12/2. 1mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Line/Space 5.0/5.0mil

Smallest Hole Diameter: 0. 5mm

Technical Feature: 4 times High Precision Control Depth Dril


Product Type: High Frequency Board

Application Field: Communication/Military

Layer/Board Thickness: 5L/1. 9mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Line/Space: 9.0/9. 2mil

Smallest Hole Diameter: 0. 3mm

Technical Feature: Three Times Step Slot Structure


Product Type: Buried Magnet Core

Application Field: Power Supply Transformer

Layer/Board Thickness: 4L/2. 4mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Line/Space: 12. 2/4. 2mil

Smallest Hole Diameter: 0. 5mm

Technical Feature: Blind Hole, Buried Magnet Core Structure


Product Type: Heavy Copper Board

Application Field: High-power Supply Module/Heavy Curent Industril Device

Layer/Board Thickness: 4L/3. 0mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Line/Space: 20/20mil

Smallest Hole Diameter: 0. 8mm

Technical Feature: Copper Thickness 180Z


Product Type: Protoelectric Communication Socket Board

Application Field: Communication

Layer/Board Thickness: 8L/1. 6mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG+Gold Ginger

Line/Space: 4/4mil

Smallest Hole Diameter: 0. 2mm

Technical Feature: Short/Long Gold Finger Structure

High Precision Outline