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Started in 2004 King Brother’s CAD design business has gathered more than 80

outstanding designers from well-known enterprises domestic and overseas whom with over 5 years work experience, and approved by the DFM certification, Which assures its design capacity for manufacturability.

King Brother has devoted itself to high-speed PCB design and the design field focuses on communication technology facilities, Industrial motherboards and military products.




CAD Capability

Min. trace width: 2 5mil

Min. trace spacing: 2.5mil

Min .Vias:6 mil (4mil Laser drilling)

Max Layer: 32L

Min BGA Spacing: 0. 4MM

Max. BGA Pin: 2500pin

Max. High-speed signal: 12G differential signal

Fastest deliverytime: 6H/ltem

HDI Highest layer:18L

HDI Highest layer order: 10L arbitrary order HDI

Products types: Data communication products, Optical network products, Multimedia products

Network products, Medical Products, Aerospace products, Industrial control products, etc

Chip types: Network processing series, intel server series, Freescale PowerP-C series

Samsung ARM series, DDR3 &DDR4 series, etc

Design softwares: Cadence Allegro/ORCAD, Mentor WG /PADS Protel99/Altium Designer(AD)




Delivery Capability

Delivery Time                         Quick response
Item     Normal   Expedited        Time   Service
300pin    1 day    6 hours           2H    Data verify and quote
1000pin   3 days    2 days           7*24H  Technical support
2000pin   5 days    3 days           7*24H  Order service
5000pin   10 days   7 days          7*12H  Return visit services
10000pin   20 days  14 days                     
20000pin   30 days  20 days




Technology Development




Year 2012 2013 2014 2015
Staf 40 70 100 150
Capacity 400.00Pin/month 700.00 Pin/month 1 million Pin/month 1.5 minllion Pin/month
Delivery time 200Pin/day 300Pin/day 400Pin/day 600Pin/day
Max connections 32000 32000 40000 60000
Max.Pin 49.000Pin 49.000Pin 60.000Pin 70.000Pin
Frequency 12G 20G 20G 40G
Layers 34L 36L 40L 40L