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1997-2000  Venture Survival

·King brother founded, Meilin plant put into operation
·The transformation of the first expansion Meilin plant
·In December ,monthly sales breakthrough 1 million RMB.
·Aluminum based power supply board volume technology breakthrough, establish the "leading technology"
·Passed the ISO9002 certification

2001-2005  Save up strength to start out

·Enable high-frequency board process with fluorine plastic substrate, and put into small volume production
·Fixed extra thick copper multilayer PCB technology (60Z), and put into small volume production
·Established Beijing office, complete the service channel expansion
·Enable Multilayer high-frequency board process with fluorine plastic substrate, and put into prototype production
·Enable 100K purification workshop
·Magazine "Wisdom of KINGBROTHER" start publication
·Successful development of high frequency (2.2G Hz) under the condition of low-loss circuit board work
·Speed up delivery cycle, reduced average 24 hours of double-sided, multilayer board delivery to establish "quick response"
·New part number breakthrough 600/ month, engineering production capacity to a new level
·BGA hole plugging process of technological innovation to new achievements, average production cycle of 6 hours shorter than the original process
·Establish "King brother national party branch"
·Set up a subsidiary "Shenzhen King Brother Circuit Co., ltd."
·Established branch "King brother Technology Co., ltd."
·Established Xi’an office
·Meilin plant comprehensive transformation for the third time , substantially increasing capacity 
·Through Shenzhen Software Industry Association double soft certification
·Zeguo electronic opening, one-stop service capacity formation

2006-2010  Spurt with long accumulation

·Undertake the International PCB design Business Seminar
·Won the first session of Chinese electronic circuit industry "outstanding national brand enterprise” title 
·The first time enter into the Chinese printed circuit industry 100 enterprises
·Successfully developed 6L Rigid-Flex printed circuit board 
·Establish Shenzhen King Brother technology Limited Company Union
·Meilin plant fourth extension transformation
·High Tg thick copper printed circuit board processing technology through the identification of scientific and technological achievements
·June “Spurt with long accumulation, Leaping Development” 10 anniversary
·PCB design business officially started, one-stop service capacity building
·Won the award of "Chinese best growing young enterprise "
·Establish environmental safety committee
·Won the title of "2008 Futian District private key leading enterprise" 
·Communication module assembly line production beginning
·Dayawan base grand foundation
·Join the printed electronics production innovation alliance, set up R & D department
·Got "layer laminated structure making software" computer software copyright registration certificate
·Got "PCB industry prenatal treatment system" computer software copyright registration certificate 
·Elected to the Shenzhen Printed Circuit Association (SPCA) vice chairman unit
·Xi'an King brother put into operation
·Elected vice chairman unit of the technical committee Chinese printed circuit industry association 
·Won the "Sino-Japanese electronic circuit industry promotion award"
·Through the national identification of high-tech enterprises
·Selected " Chinese top 100 printed circuit enterprises "
·In June completion of shareholding system transformation of the whole company changed to "Shenzhen King Brother Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd "
·Elected vice chairman unit of CPCA Association for the sixth session,  Chairman Jeremy as the Association Vice Chairman deputy
·Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beihang University research project

2011-2015  Leaping Development

·Won the "Chinese printed circuit industry second outstanding national brand enterprise"
·"Talent and technology management" of the new business, new LOGO, new image, new business, new leap
·King Brother production and research base put into operation
·Through the TS16949 system certification
·Strategic transformation -efficiency, innovation, environmental protection, energy saving
·Entered 11th (2011) Chinese printed circuit industry hundred enterprises
·Won the 5th "small and medium-sized enterprise integrity list" "integrity of small and medium enterprises" title
·Establish the Love helps fund
·Establish Chongqing customer Service Center
·Elected 12th "(2012 Chinese printed circuit industry rankings)" domestic enterprises 28th 
·Xi'an King brother through the "national military standard quality management system certification"
·Won the 2013 national electronic information industry, "the most potential enterprise" title
·Company technical papers selected SCI and EI America engineering information retrieval